I have just watched a movie-The fault in our stars. The name is derived
from ‘Julius Caesar’ of Shakespeare:’ The fault, dear Brutus, is not in
our stars, But in ourselves’. And I am reading this book of same name
after watching the movie.

i have read the book The Kite Runner before, for it is the best selling
one on the internet and Mr president Obama recommended it for the world.
These years i haven’t read such a new book so interesting like that.
With the rapid development of this age, maybe there are fewer and fewer
books like this one. The Kite Runner told a moving story in Alfan, and
the two boys holded a continuous line through the different time and
place. From Alfan to America, i could feel a heavy smelling between the
two countries. By the way, from the perspective of Chinese, actually we
could feel it more truely.

All of a sudden, it all comes back to me.
I can strongly feel that it’s striking me.
The anxiety, depression, a sensation of fear, complicated emotion…
it’s so difficult to describe what im feeling inside.
I can hardly figure it out. What’s going wrong?

The film mainly tells a love story , maybe the first love story of two
teenagers. Quite different from this sort of love film, such as
‘flipped'(砰然心动) or ‘Jeux d’enfants’(两小无猜), which may come to
you as the warm breeze in the spring, ‘The fault in our stars’ is a
little bit miserable, because it is a love story about two cancer
patients. It may arise sympathy or sadness, however, it is not necessary
to regard it depressed and I actually gain more positive strength from

Back to the movie, how i hoped it could be as excellent as the book
before, and i had recommended it to most of my friends. But after i saw
the film, there was just a little feeling came to me. Perhaps it
becaused i had read the book before and it could hold every details from
the book in such a time-limited movie. As we know, a great movie always
go after with a great book. But i think this one is excepted. Still the
story told by the screen was moving and integrated. And it has shown the
most important parts of the two boy, their children life with kites.
Though these, it was ended with a more happier result of the little boy
and omited the process of bring him to America. Maybe it just wanted to
conform to the standard of the US. Or there is other interpretations
behind it. Now just with the whole movie, i think if it can give more
details about the process to find out and take up the boy, the movie
would be more impressed.

I recalled almost everything after my TOEFL teacher mentioned about
Virginia Woolf, a female English novelist, whose most famous novel was
called Mrs Dalloway. These reminded me of The Hours, one of my favorite
movies, which is closely related with Virginia Woolf and the book. The
movie scenes quickly flashed back in my mind. Some details, some
conversations, facial expression of Virginia, her steps towards suicide,
the sorrowful music score by Philip Glass…all of them rushed into my
head, making it a place so crowded. After i got home, i watched a clip
from The Hours on Youtube. Then i felt like, i couldn’t take this and
ended up shedding tears.

In the movie, I was impressed with one of the lines: ‘pain demands be
felt’ which was quoted from the book named ‘An Imperial Affliction ‘. We
should acknowledge a fact: without pain, how could we know joy? Most of
us may not really understand the physical and mental pain of cancer
patients should bear. No matter what, we don’t have to fear the pain, we
keep the faith that the strength of our love would finally overwhelm it.
Life may be tough, we have love from our family members, friends and
lovers, which supports us to improve our ways of life, change our
attitudes towards life and strengthen our belief of life.
In addition, in the film, the optimistic boy said that ‘oblivious’ may
scare him most. He always believes he would someday make distinctive
achievements and could eternally be remembered by others after dying. So
when lifetime is so limited that he was unable to achieve it, he became
depressed. The girl told him he had done a lot and of course he would be
remembered by others, but we don’t have to be remembered by all people,
we don’t have to be loved by all people.

Mentioning other things away the movie itself, this movie is my one
hundredth movie signed on douban since last year i loved seeing movies.
The one and a half year has witnessed my changes between the time i met
you and you left later. i never watched so many movies before or have
such feelings with movies themselves before. it turned me to a
definitely new piece of life with the word so-called literary. Yes, i
want to know more about movies. These time i have read many books about
film’s history still. And wish there is someday i could retell them for
you. Last term, i still remembered that day i got an ending message from
Beijing. And it took so long for me to rebirth myself and come to my new
life. Whatever, you are still my truly love. I hope there is someday i
could meet you once again. This Saturday morning i will take on T202
train to Beijing, and it would be my first time to cross Yangzi River
and to travel to Beijing. How i wish i could be at the station of
UNIACC. And i know the probability is such small and it would be doomed
to happen someday. Best wishes with my upcoming travelling to Beijing.
Come on and cheer up.

I don’t know why i love this movie so much. I remember i was under 18
when i watched it for the first time. Most people say that they don’t
understand the story. but i clearly do. i do understand and have a
strong feeling for the movie. The only problem is that i can’t tell
anyone what exactly the feeling is. Although i do not know much about
Virginia Woolf at that time, i could still sense that she is a special
talented women, living with mental illness, being sensitive about life
and death. And also, the other two women in the movie are all different
because they are under a mental pressure from life. Anyway, i googled
Virginia Woolf and i read her last words to her husband before she
committed suicide:

Concerning the language in the movie, I really like the pronunciation of
actress. I was most toughed by the eulogy of funeral and the words read
in the ‘Anne Frank House’. By the way, I was also impressed with the
‘Anne Frank House’ in Dutch. Maybe I will visit it someday in the
future. And perhaps, before that I should finish reading the book -‘An
Imperial Affliction’.

  I feel certain, that I’m going mad again.
  I think we can’t go through another of these terrible times
  and I shan’t recover this time.
  I begin to hear voices
  and can’t concentrate.
  So I’m doing what seems the best thing to do.
  You have given me the greatest possible happiness.
  You have been in every way all that anyone could be.
  I know that I’m spoiling your life
  and without me you could work
  and you will.
  I know.
  You see I can’t even write this properly.
  What I want to say is that I owe all the happiness of my life to
  You have been entirely patient with me
  and incredibly good.
  Everything is gone for me,
  but the certainty of your goodness.
  I can’t go on spoiling your life any longer.
  I don’t think two people could have been happier than we have

Finally, I wanna share some more words from the book:


As the tide washed in, the Dutch Tulip Man faced the ocean: “Conjoiner
rejoinder poisoner concealer revelator. Look at it, rising up and
rising down, taking everything with it.”
“What’s that?” I asked.
“Water,” the Dutchman said. “Well, and time.”
—PET ER VAN HOUT EN, An Imperial Affliction

Life is tough. Life is not beautiful. I believed it and still believe
We are all women with vulnerable heart.


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